Heart Attack Grille: A Case Study in Gluttony from which we can Learn

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

I’ve been to Vegas but had never heard of the Heart Attack grill heartattackgrill.com until a former co-worker told me about it. Basically it’s a theme restaurant based around gluttonous rapture at the expense of healthy.

I found the concept very interesting. They serve deadly deliciousness with beautiful servers dressed as nurses and topping it off with patrons wearing hospital gowns. They’re menu include bypass burgers from single burger patty to quadruple bypass with 4 burger patties. The also prescribe alcohol saying it’s good for you in there butterfat milk shakes. Hey, they just may be right. It’s used in cough medicines is it not? But that’s not all.

That’s not the attractant, that’s not the lure. The fun part is anybody weighing in at 350 lbs or over eats for free. This is where my former work colleague comes in. He definitely has been there several times on his numerous trips to Vegas and he is over 350 so he heats for free.

This is actually where the problem arouse; this eating for free. He told me he got the smallest burger for free and they didn’t bring a second burger until the first was gone. This is what he was made about and from that, we can learn.

From the time we eat until the time we feel full is roughly 20 minutest. (Miller) Basically, my friend loved the theme and free found so he took his friends to the restaurant where they’d be paying full price. This is how they bring in the smaller more size proportional friends that will be happy splurge on an artery clogging good time.

Here’s the genius part. They know that bigger guy could probably polish off 2 of their quadruple bypass burgers resulting in a loss of money. They know if they give that large guy only one single pattie at a time, he’s going to start feeling full and not eating so much as if he were permitted to be a bull in china shop. Being made to eat slow curbs his appetite.

Lesson learned, the slower we eat, the less we eat. There are a lot of very healthy ways to use this awesome piece of info. What if you ate a healthy appetizer, say an apple 20 minutes prior to you large main meal. Could that cut down your eating and appetite whiteout feeling being cheated? You still feel full and satiated and even though you eat much less.



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Andrew Foster

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