Get to Know Her…Inside and Out

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It’s actually been several months since I’ve written an article delving into the sexual realm. To me, this one is important and everything you need from writing is in the four word title. Get to know her.

Does she like hot and wild sex in crazy places. If she does, that’s great. If that’s not your thing, that’s okay too. Try to relax and find a happy medium. In the end, she has needs and her needs matter.

Does she like anal sex? If she does, you’re a lucky man! It’s a rare man that doesn’t want to fuck his woman’s tight ass. If that’s not her thing, that’s okay. She has limits and her limits need to be respected. If this isn’t her thing, don’t pressure her. Can you really find pleasure when she’s clearly uncomfortable, off balance and in pain? If so, you may need to look at yourself. How can you love when you’re causing pain?

Does she squirt? If she does that’s so hot and a total confirmation she just had an intense orgasm. If she doesn’t squirt, that’s okay. Not everybody is designed for this and if she doesn’t squirt, that in no way limits the pleasure you just gave her. There are limits on the female body but there are no limits on the female mind. Target her brain and you’ll be a man amongst men and a king amongst kings.

Does she have a clitoris desperate for your stroke? Stroke it. Give her what she needs. Tease a bit but in the end give her what she needs and your needs will be met 10 fold.

I’ve tried to illustrate a couple things but in the end there is a single foundation on which you sex life needs to be build. She has needs. It’s often going to be hard for her to come right and out and tell you, so you need to investigate Sherlock Holmes style.

You should want to do this. Giving her what she craves is what you too should crave. Are you in this to get? Or are you in this to give?

My personal experience with women is this. When they get, even a little, they give tons. I don’t want you to be selfish. I don’t want you to give only to get something in return. Give because you want to. Give because you want to confuse her as to whether she’s shaking or the earth is shaking beneath her. If you can give unselfishly in this way, you will experience all that is femininity and all your woman has to give.



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Andrew Foster

Andrew Foster

A student of love and relationships who likes to write about and teach what I’ve learned along the way