F Me…Than F You…And that is Where it all goes Wrong

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a self helppy type writing. But I have one I need to write really bad. It comes as this country is split in two. Not only is it split into two extremes, being extreme has become more gratifying than a sexual orgasm. This country is getting off on being extreme. Both sides, this country now cares more about being right, than being human and caring. If you have no feelings, you are not human. If all you care about is right, it signifies you cannot grasp the concept of right.

I don’t really care who you voted for. I don’t really care if you believe an election was stolen. I don’t care your opinion on George Floyd. What I do care about is your opinion on violence. So many terrible things are going on in the United States. None of which are linked to the devil. America is the devil…do you get that. There is no outside force killing us. We are killing us and we are happy killing each other. Really, is the devil an outside force or is it 100% internal? Are you happy? Is America the devil or is this what you want? Do you like the fact that there are more guns than there are Americans?

What is more important…being able to go to the grocery store, or being able to take your gun to the grocery store? If you need to take a gun to the grocery story, it’s simple. You created the need that you are now fulling. You like violence. You want violence. You want the opportunity to use your gun and you need to admit that. That is not self-defense. Just admit it. You want to use you gun and kill. Just admit it. You want to kill, and you want it to be legal. I will not judge you if you just admit I’m right. You’re filled with hate right now and want kill. Just be honest and admit it.

Well want doesn’t really matter. If you want violence, I cannot stop you. If you want violence, you can hurt me, or my family and it will all be for nothing. I am not rich. You cannot rob me. I have nothing you want. I truly believe in humanity. What I have, I have, and you can never take it from me. You can rob me of possessions, but you cannot rob of the fact I busted me behind to be a respectable human being. Really, what’s more important, life with honor, or life without honor?

What is that you say? Fuck me? Well, I won’t say fuck you. I’ll give my life and happiness so long as I didn’t hurt anybody in the process. Really that’s the end of this writing. Is the world all about you? If it is, that’s cool. I won’t fight. But why is it you think you’re better than everybody else. Why is it you believe life is a zero-sum game and you can’t be happy while at the same time let others be happy. Why cannot you balance thinking of yourself and with thinking of others. I know it’s possible. I’m not perfect…but I do it every day.

FYI…the second you think you’re right, you’re wrong. Your mind is closed. There is no right or wrong. There is only understanding. If you cannot try to understand me, why should I try and understand you. What I just said is right where everything goes wrong.



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